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DISCLAIMER: Tarheel Golden Retriever Club provides breeder referral information as a service to members as well as to those interested in adding a Golden Retriever to their family. We make no representations with respect to the breeders or breedings listed. We do not warrant the health or fitness of any puppy, nor does the club act in any way as the agent of any breeder.

The purchase of a Golden Retriever puppy is a transaction between a buyer and seller. We recommend that buyers educate themselves regarding the breed, the heath issues that have been associated with the breed, and any testing that is appropriate as a screeing tool for health risks.

The Golden Retriever Club of America has issued a
GRCA Code of Ethics, which the TarheelGRC endorses and supports.

Click the link below for the list of Tarheel Golden Retriever Club members who are serious hobby breeders
and may occasionally have puppies or adults available.
Please check back often.

Before you purchase a Golden Retriever puppy, we recommend that you visit the following links:

Acquiring A Golden Retriever http://www.grca.org/allabout/a_find.html

How to find a good breeder http://www.grca.org/pdf/all_about/PuppyQuestionsFlyer_Rev2.pdf

Is a Golden Retriever right for you? http://www.grca.org/allabout/profiler.html

Puppy or Adult? http://www.grca.org/allabout/a_age.html

What about a rescue? http://www.grca.org/allabout/rescue.html

Reasons why NOT to get a Golden Retriever http://www.grca-nrc.org/reasons_not.html

What about a Goldendoodle or rare white Golden? http://www.grca.org/allabout/a_doodle-white.html



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